When will we receive the ETP training grants?2016-03-01T07:59:26-08:00

The ETP grants are performance-based and must be earned per the terms of the ETP Agreement. Payments are made at three points;

25% after an employee receives 8 hours of training
50% after employee completes training
25% after the employee meets retention requirements

How is the amount of ETP reimbursement determined?2016-02-29T07:57:26-08:00

Reimbursements are calculated on an hourly basis. For each employee training hour, employers can receive reimbursements of $15-$26 per training hour. Hourly rates vary based on business size and industry. Computer-based training is always paid at $8/hr.

Which employers qualify for the ETP grants?2016-02-26T07:57:01-08:00

ETP funds training to for-profit employers that are subject to the Unemployment Insurance Tax. Current priority industry for the Panel include, manufacturing, biotech/life science, IT services, media/entertainment, goods movement and transportation logistics, agriculture, healthcare, construction, and green technologies.

How is the WOTC claimed?2016-02-25T08:02:13-08:00

Taxable employers claim the WOTC as a general business credit on Form 3800 against their income tax. The WOTC is calculated using Form 5884.

How much is the WOTC?2016-02-24T08:01:52-08:00

The WOTC is based on the hours worked and wages paid to qualified employees. Credits can range from a few hundred dollars per employee up to almost $10,000 per qualified employee.

How does an employer qualify for the WOTC?2016-02-23T08:01:33-08:00

An employer must hire an employee who is certified as being a member of a targeted group. For tax-exempt organizations, the WOTC may only be claimed for qualified veterans.

How much will a cost segregation study cost?2016-02-22T08:03:22-08:00

The fee for a cost segregation study will range depending on the building size, building type, number of tenants, and other physical characteristics. Typically, fees can range from $5,000 to $15,000.

How long will it take to complete the cost segregation study?2016-02-21T08:03:02-08:00

A cost segregation study will typically take 30-60 days to complete.

What percentage of building costs are typically reallocated to shorter-lived assets under a cost segregation study?2016-02-20T08:02:36-08:00

On Average, 15% to 35% of the overall building costs will be moved from 39 or 27.5-year property to 5, 7, or 15-year property.

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